Beauty Counter & The Never List.

Over the past 5 years, I have tried to better small parts of myself when it comes to the products I consume. I changed my diet to more organic and less processed foods. I started caring about the quality of makeup I was putting on my face every day. I started using better products on my skin, but one piece I was still striking out on was my actual skincare. I knew the basics – wash, tone, hydrate. But finding the right balance of products for my sensitive skin, and one I could feel good about using, took some time. Enter Beauty Counter.

Beauty Counter Products

Full disclosure: I am about to rave about why Beauty Counter is the best and safest skincare line out on the market.

I’ve always had sensitive skin. Too much moisturizer and my face would break out like no tomorrow. In terms of skin type, I am normal/slightly oily, with occasional hormonal breakouts. I used Proactive when I was young, although that was probably a little too strong for me. Then I played around with things like Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, Dove Soap, etc. A few years ago I landed on PCA Skincare. And while it did wonders for my skin, I couldn’t help but hate the chemical smell and the ingredient list. I was determined to find something better.

Next I dove into some organic-sounding items from the drug store and stumbled upon Juice Beauty products. The “natural” portion was definitely there, but it wasn’t doing anything great for my skin. Don’t get me wrong, my skin was fine, but skincare is supposed to improve your skin with radiance, not keep it dull and stagnant.

I was introduced to Beauty Counter in 2015, and while I was enthralled by the entire message, funds were tight and I didn’t have $45 to spend on moisturizer. Cut to 2017 and I realized that it is important to take care of yourself.

And if I wanted to feel good about myself and what I was putting onto my face every day, it was worth the cost.

I ordered the full shabang – Cleanser, Mist, AM Lotion, PM Lotion, Eye Cream, and Exfoliator. (I went a little overboard. Probably could have held off on the exfoliant.) I was skeptical when the package arrived at the size of the products. I was sure I’d blow through these quicker than my favorite pint of ice cream (Cookie Dough. Obviously.).

To my surprise, 4 months later and I was just running out of my cleanser with still some moisturizer left, and a ton of eye cream and exfoliant to spare. To my even bigger surprise, my skin felt great! Truthfully after one week of use, I noticed softer and more even skin.

Beauty Counter Face Wash, Face Oil, Am Moisturizer, PM Moisturizer

Okay so I talk about how I love the products, but do you want to know what the best part is? The Never List.

The Never List is their list of ingredients that they promise to never use in their products. Seems simple enough, but this is where I was impressed. There are over 1000 ingredients that are banned in other countries for not being safe to use on the skin, that are still used in TONS of U.S. skincare products. I’m talking cancer-causing, organ-damaging, terrible chemicals. Beauty Counter has taken a stance to help change the current beauty standards. They are not all “organic”, but they promise to only use safe ingredients. The company is working to change laws and create safer skincare.

Another reason I fell in love with this company is that they do their own clinical studies. They believe in their product and use their own funding to conduct research. Each product shows the results of their studies to help give you a better idea of how they work.

Honestly, it is great to have found a skincare line that makes my skin feel and look great,

but it also feels really good to be using a company that genuinely cares about the customer and the quality of the product they are putting out into the market.

Beauty Counter has so much passion behind what they do, and it shows. Their transparency about their mission, testing process, and ingredients is a breath of fresh air in a market that promises everything and delivers minimally. If you haven’t heard of Beauty Counter, or have been looking to switch up your skincare routine, give them a try. You won’t regret it!





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