What to expect at your first facial.

When I thought “facial”, I thought laying there with a mask and cucumbers over my eyes.  Then I pictured them saying how bad my pores were, picking a few pimples, and out I would go feeling much worse off then I had before. Not. The. Case. Let me break it down for you.

For years my friends always talked about how great facials were. Not the DIY home ones, but a real spa facial. Personally, I didn’t see the draw. Well I finally decided to treat myself and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

First I was introduced to my facialist (that’s what I am going to call her), who kindly walked me to my own private room and went over my intake form. This form asked me questions and concerns I had about my skin. She went over any trouble areas I had or improvements I wanted to see.

Next it was time to get cozy! The facialist stepped out of the room so I could get changed. I put on this towel, which was more like a super soft blanket, and tied it around myself much like you would a bath towel. To my surprise the facial started off with a hot foot soak! (I was already impressed.) I sat there for 3-5 minutes soaking my feet and listening to the soothing spa music.

Next my facialist came back in and wiped my feet off gently, and had me get onto the facial table. The table was more of a cushy bed with blankets that came up to my chest. She then proceeded to begin the facial treatment.

My eyes were closed, but she seemed to rub some sort of oil/lotion all over my face. It was very relaxing and smelt wonderful. While this was on my face, she massaged my shoulders and the back of my neck.

It was at this point that I decided I would be getting facials more often.

Then after a few minutes, she took a warmed washcloth and carefully removed the product from my face in a sophisticated way that involved massaging movements.

Next was exfoliation. She carefully massaged what felt like an exfoliant onto my face. Then rather than taking it off this time, she turned on a steamer that lightly steamed over my face. The warmth was moderate and it was just enough steam to feel relaxing and not like a shower.

While this process was taking place, my arm and hand massage began. That’s right you get another massage!

She throughly massaged my arms and hands. At the end, wrapping my hands up in towels and putting them into warm mits that I kept on for the duration of the facial. Now that my pores were nice and open, she started with the warm towel again to remove all of the exfoliant from my face. After this she smoothed on what I assume to be some type of toner and put pads on my eyes and got out her lamp to do some inspecting.

The facialist talked through the areas of my face she saw as problematic and what I could work on. It was at this time that she would have done the extraction. However my skin is very sensitive. One pimple pop and I am red for 3 hours. So with that knowledge, she said it would be best to just leave it all as is.

After some recommendations, the facial mask began. The facialist (I’d love to know if that is a real word) once again soothed another layer of cool, thick goop over my face. While that was soaking in, yup, you guessed it, another massage. I enjoyed a leg and foot massage before she removed the final mask from my face. Lastly she soothed on a thin layer of amazing lotion.

The whole facial, if you can even call it just that, lasted an hour. I enjoyed every last minute of it!

The best part? When I went back to the bathroom to get changed, I couldn’t believe how amazing my face looked! It was glowing. I mean glowing. I had never had my face look so refreshed, hydrated and healthy.

So if you’re feeling like you need some “me time” or you just want to try something fun, I’d say a trip to the spa for a facial is something everyone needs to try at least once. Expect lots of massaging and relaxation. I know I’ll be asking for more of these around the holidays!


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