Meet The Author

Meet the Author Daniella Connelly

My name is Daniella. I am a writer, mom-trepreneur, positivity junkie, lover of sunshine and all things baked & delicious. I have a crazy 4.5 year old who is my entire world. Mainly, for your concern, I am the author behind The Second Breath.

I started this journal because, well why not? I guess I felt called to. And I hope that in my writings, learnings, fun tips and life experiences, you can find a piece of yourself and maybe even grow your inner light to shine just a touch brighter than before.

Well, I guess that didn’t tell much about me, but you can get to know me through my writings. They are my innermost thoughts and mindful moments. You may also be asking what is The Second Breath? I thought you might ask that, so you can find your answer here.